These days Pakistan is developing in different sectors with the help of modern technology. One of the sectors in which it has progressed a lot is the number of people having their own auto cars. The trend has changed from the old days of having low economy and resources to buy own vehicles. There are a variety of modern cars ranging from low to high prices which are making it easier for people of all the classes to buy a car for themselves.

Top 10 Best Selling Popular Cars in Pakistan

As there are a number of different cars available in Pakistan, a good eye for selection of a good car is required.  Whether you are buying a new car or an old one you have to understand the features and condition of the car.

You should know that what is your requirements that can be fulfilled by a particular car. The rate of the used or new car can also be negotiated according to its condition. This type of observation of auto cars can just be done by the experts and everyone is unable to observe a vehicle like this. So, the following points will help each and everyone to know about the top 10 best selling popular cars in Pakistan. In this comprehensive article you will also get the new car prices and other details as well.


Suzuki MEHRAN is manufactured in Pakistan. This is a car which is liked by almost all kind of classes in Pakistan. Suzuki Mehran price is very low round about PKR 680,000. It is affordable to middle class too. If we look around we will find a large number of Suzuki MEHRAN in Pakistan. It has an excellent resale value in the market.


It has a very simple and basic interior and exterior which is embedded with the normal body. Most of the people prefer Suzuki MEHRAN because its service and maintenance expenditures are not very high. There are not a great deal of taxes on this cars too as it is manufactured in  Pakistan. So this is also one of the reasons people look to buy this car. It has a good performance with efficient fuel consumption as well.

People who look to buy a family car have Suzuki MEHRAN at their top most priority.  It is very easy to drive. So, Suzuki MEHRAN is the top choice of the majority of many Pakistanis owing to the reasons mentioned above.


One of the car which are in the top list of the people of Pakistan is the Suzuki CULTUS. It is liked by the middle class as well as the top class of Pakistan. It is also the production of Suzuki and hence the quality is high. It has a big body as compared to Suzuki Mehran and a powerful 1000cc engine. Its interior is comfortable and its exterior gives a good look of a nice car. IT provides a smooth drive on all kinds of roads in Pakistan.


The people who look to buy something better as compare to Suzuki MEHRAN prefers Suzuki CULTUS. It is liked by most of the sophisticated society involving teachers or professors of our country. One great thing about this car is it gives a good mileage and its maintenance is easy and low priced so people afford it easily. Suzuki Cultus Price in Pakistan are also not much high. It is available in 1 million Pakistani rupees. Its resale value is also very good because many people look to buy this car.


Suzuki ALTO is a car which is liked by the upper middle class of Pakistan. It is a nice small cheap car. Suzuki Alto price is around about 1 million PKR. It is a small car with the seating capacity of 5 persons. It has hatchback body type with excellent interior and exterior.


It is used by small businessmen and students frequently to fulfill their needs. It is the competitor of Suzuki CULTUS because the price of the both is almost same but the features of Suzuki ALTO are somehow better than SUZUKI CULTUS.

It provides you with the continuous performance and reliability.  It has a 1000cc engine which gives fuel consumption of 1.2 liters. The safety features provided by this car are of high quality. The interior contains all the features of entertainment. It has an excellent air conditioned system much better than many other small cars available in the market.

Suzuki Alto can be used for different purposes of family and business such as SUZUKI CUORE. The elegance and grace that Suzuki ALTO has achieved in a short time since its launch is incredible and that is the proof of its high quality and performance.


An extravagant car with entertaining driving characters with a good quality and affordable price. It is an attractive little vehicle. It is a perfect car for personal use and a small family. Swift is not very spacious but the seats are adjustable with a comfortable back support.


It is a durable car and not very costly to maintain because the spare parts are easily available in cheap rates. It is not posh but can be used for many small jobs. Because of its small size and unique designs, it can be easily taken in small streets and thus offer a great help.

Suzuki Swift New Model has a mileage of 1.2 liters, which is affordable. It has a unique dashboard that will make your ride fun with a good temperature controller and larger stereo buttons that are easy to use.

Once you are on the move it is perfect to drive with its large forward view, it makes easy to drive in packed roads and small streets. With the sports specifications, it is a compatible car on the fast roads. With the acrobatic feel, it is a durable vehicle for speed and fast roads. It is a safe, efficient and affordable choice for young boys.


If you are looking for a hatchback to drive on the busy roads then Toyota Vitz is your perfect choice. Toyota motors, a Japanese company, distribute it among many countries. It has gained a remarkable sale in a short span of time. VITZ also known Toyota Yaris in many other countries like, Malaysia, Dubai UAE, Philippines and so on.


It has a stylish and vibrant exterior available in seventeen different colors, which are very attractive. It has an eye-catching persona. It is spacious with the right amount of headroom and legroom with highly comfortable seats. It has all the adjustments for your entertainment like the CD player, Bluetooth jack, and a USB port.

Toyota Vitz has a 1.5-liter mileage with a reliable fuel consumption capability that makes it an ideal and affordable car. Its safety features are remarkable, it has an anti-lock braking system, keyless entry, power locks, SRS airbags and electronic stability control, which makes it a protected and safe to drive vehicle. It is manufactured in two different styles a three door and a five door.

With all the safety and luxurious features, it is an affordable car, which is easily manageable because its spare parts are available at any auto market. The most important thing is its latest technology gives it a good resale value.


An iconic car with a strong performance, chic design, reliable fuel economy and durability makes it a most classy car for business and personal use. Its bellicose and sporty style makes it an eye catcher. It has a powerful engine with durable fuel economy and fun to drive because of its forthcoming handling and an excellent mileage. The best feature is its aerodynamic design.


With the remarkable exterior, Civic interior is also ravishing. It has a highly equipped interior with comfort, elegance, and class. Not only the design but the safety measures are also remarkable with the electronic brake distribution, crash protective design, airbags, and many other safety features make it an ideal car.

Honda Civic is manufactured on the eco-friendly terms with the ultra-low emission technology, which cause less fuel consumption and saves the environment from the harmful aspects of the chemicals. It has an ECON button that makes it more efficient to drive.

Civic Car has won many awards because of its all over performance, safety measures and durability. It is the best family car with the high safety measures. All its new generations come with a special upgrade that makes it more attractive and consumer’s best choice.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota has always been a company which is providing High-class cars to the people of Pakistan. It is a luxury car which is liked by most of the High-class people in Pakistan. Toyota is not bound to one model; they keep on producing models after one or two years with unique changes and modifications.


The interior and exterior of Toyota Corolla are a luxurious one with all the modern technologies and features embedded in them. It provides with a consistent fuel efficient performance. Its fuel consumption is 1.8 L and it provides with a smooth ride on all kinds of roads in Pakistan.

The top-notch safety features are embedded in this car which is one of the reasons that even many celebrities related to different sectors love to have this car to move anywhere. It has a powerful engine of the type 4 cylinder DOHC 1- Valve which is also a 1300cc engine.

Furthermore, the comfort provided by the seats and interior don’t allow people to look for any other car than this. Toyota Corolla price in Pakistan is very normal according to the status and features this car provides to you. A number of colors to select from is provided by company which makes it easier for people to buy a car according to their needs.

Honda City

Honda a company who has a big reputation in the auto market of Pakistan. It has not only provided quality vehicles but it has built a reputation of high-class vehicle maintenance and quality manufacturers. Honda city is the car which you will see in the big cities of Pakistan owned by the upper class. This is a car which demonstrates a wonderful vehicle that looks stunning on the roads of Pakistan.


Honda City interior and exterior is a high class which is the mixture of simplicity and modern features together. It contains a powerful engine of the type of I-VTEC which is a 1300cc engine. It provides with a fuel consumption of 1.8 L. This is a highly fuel efficient vehicle as it has won the award of the most fuel efficient car in Pakistan in 2015.

If we look at the some executive class people they look to buy this car because of its status and luxurious look. Honda City price in Pakistan is little high but that is very low in front of its features, class, interior, exterior and high quality this car possesses.

Suzuki Bolan (Carry Daba)

We have discussed many different cars that are available in the market. There are different cars from SUZUKI itself and from many other companies too. We know that the people of Pakistan are somehow restricted to the resources they can afford.


So, a large number of the middle class portion of Pakistan look to buy Suzuki Bolan as it can be used for many different purposes. Suzuki Bolan also known in Pakistan as Carry Daba. It can be used as a family vehicle and it can also be used as a business vehicle. Many people use it for transportation purposes too.

It contains a three cylinder engine. Its fuel consumption is 0.8 liters. It provides a 12 KM/L mileage which is very good and affordable. It is a vehicle which provides output in the great number as compared to the input given to it. It means the expenditures for its maintenance are not very high.

As far as the interior and exterior are concerned, this vehicle provides comfort, safety, and convenience. Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba Price not much high. This is a true family minivan. So, Suzuki BOLAN is also of high demand in the market of Pakistan.

Suzuki Daihatsu CUORE

Suzuki is a company which knows the needs and requirements of people of Pakistan so its production of Suzuki Daihatsu CUORE is the evidence of the high quality within a low range of price. It contains a simple and elegant look with a hatchback body. The interior and exterior features of this car are basic but provide the same value of luxury cars.


Daihatsu Cuore is used as a family car as well as a car which is liked by the most of the teenagers in Pakistan. Many students also use it for movement to the institutes as its engine provides great power and the expenses to keep its maintenance are not very high.

Suzuki Cuore has an 847cc engine with a low fuel consumption. It is liked by many people because if you are looking for a car with some modern features embedded in it along with the low price Suzuki CUORE should be your choice.

Bottom Line

This is the list of the top 10 most popular best selling cars in Pakistan which are liked by majority of people. You will see a large amount of these cars moving around the roads in Pakistan. We have shared their complete overview which will let you know about the real insight of these cars. If you need any other info then you can comment below. Best of Luck

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